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Did you like the images that we have put across our websites that have been designed by the Graphics Designing Team at Standard Institute of Technology? We believe in using our copyright images designed by our professional graphics designing team. So if you are aspiring to become a professional in this area, visit our computer training center to know how we provide the best graphics designing training in Nawalpur.

This Graphics designing course designed for individuals seeking to develop their professional and creative skills in order to bring life to images and media through visual representation of ideas and messages. Graphics designing has been in high demand around the world in this modern day of commercialization and globalization. Thus, this course is suited for students from any background to carve out attractive career in this highly demanded Graphics designing stream.

With this training course, learners become able to create both visually attractive and persuasive design in the form of logos, poster, business cards, brochures, magazine designs and other such products.

Why choose us for Graphics Designing Training in Nepal?

We firmly believe that Graphics design process should focus on complete and meaningful product creation. The Graphics designing course taught at Standard Institute of Technology involves two fundamental processes; idea formulation and generating design. So learners enhance their creativity and thinking pattern along with the knowledge of tools of techniques. Our expertise in Graphics designing and experience in professional work in designing will also provide you with an opportunity to learn and refine your skills and creativity.

Over the years through our professional and dedicated approach in providing advance graphics designing training, we have helped a large number of aspiring students as well as professional to further their career prospects. We are glad to share that we have been one of the preferred as best graphics designing training institute in Nepal.

How the Graphics Designing course is designed by SITE computer institute?

Standard Institute of Technology maintains a core team of professionals and academicians tasked with continuous development in the quality of syllabus so as to match the current industry practices and needs of learners. The researches, seminars, group discussion organized by SITE serves just that.

This Graphics designing course is developed considering the facts it is mainly about creating and manipulating words, symbols or images to form meaning objects for visual communication. Thus, our course encompasses the essence of creative expression along with the knowledge of tools and industry practices.

Graphics designing course consists of four major tools:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Freehand
  • Adobe In-design.

There are several lessons under each course that will enhance your skills for different kinds of layout and designs.

This course is designed to meet the learners need to understand the fundamental concepts underlying graphics design process, in depth knowledge about elements like shapes, textures, lines, color, type etc.  With this course we aim to produce qualified professionals able to tackle wide range of projects in Graphics design.

How Graphics Designing classes are conducted at Standard Institute of Technology?

Normally, Graphics Designing classes are scheduled to run for two hours one hour each for instructional class and practice. However, the timing can be altered depending upon the need of trainees.

During that period students are encouraged to apply the knowledge in creating finished products in the form of design and layouts. The instructor and visiting professionals in Graphics designing will continually provide with insight, tips and techniques to better your skills and knowledge. You will also have the opportunity to learn the current practices and developments about Graphics designing.

At the end of the training, students will assigned a project work which we believe, will help them to implement their learning in real time working scenarios. During the project work, trainees will be constantly guided and monitored by project supervisor.

The details about syllabus is presented below, if you any questions about this Graphics designing course, please visit our Professional training center at Kawasoti-08 or you can contact via online as well. We assure you that you will get the best graphics designing training in Nepal at our computer institute.


Graphic Designing course will fulfill the following goals and objectives.

  • Develop your ability in choosing appropriate color palettes and typography depending upon the type of design.
  • Create layout that is clean, readable and expressive.
  • Use Photoshop retouching effects professionally to prepare images for publication.
  • Design alluring traditional media and advertising objects.
  • Create logo that symbolically represents the brand.
  • Design layout that is visually appealing to eyes using advanced design techniques.

Who can join Graphics Designing Courses?

  • A person who wants to join desktop publishing company and advertising agencies can learn Graphic Designing course.
  • Web Designers who have experience in using Photoshop but have little experience in logo designing are recommended to join the course to create logo, book cover, animation, info-graphics, etc.

Prerequisites for joining Graphic Designing course

There are no prerequisites before enrolling in Graphic Designing course. A person who has a creative mind can do best in this field. However, basic familiarity with computer is always a plus.


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