Introduction :: Basic Wordpress

WordPress Training

WordPress being open source and popular blogging platform; is being used extensively around the world. Various websites and blogs are now being developed using WordPress consequently the scope of career in WordPress developed is also rising. Being open source, it has a huge community of volunteers contributing towards its growth. Everything from documentation to code is free and there are thousands of plugins and themes that can be used to develop a website in no time. It has added to the popularity for the Wordpress in Nepal and around the world. Thus, the demand for WordPress training in Nepal is very high.

This WordPress Training course is suitable for individuals with no prior knowledge in programming but willing to enter into web development as well professional programmers. If you are looking to develop websites and blogs using PHP and MySQL programming or just want to quickly build websites or blogs using the WordPress powered plugins, themes and templates, then you should join the professional WordPress Training course at our computer training institute located at Kawasoti-08.

At Standard Institute of Technology, we offer WordPress training for students with no prior knowledge in programming but willing to enter into web development as well professional programmers. We mainly recommend this training for blogging and portfolio presentation. We will start this course from basics of WordPress and gradually move onto theme, plugins, forms, search engine optimization before completing a project work. During the training, intensive focus will be given to real world practices and trends, thus by enabling students to grasp fundamentals and to be familiar with real world applications.

How is the WordPress Course Designed?

This training has been designed to fulfill the requirement of individuals who want to develop and manage Wordpress sites or blogs but don’t have any programming knowledge. This course will gradually move from basic and ample time will be given to students to grasp the fundamentals and finally making them able to develop a WordPress site or Blog.


After the successful completion of this training, the students will be able to:

  • Set up and install WordPress
  • Download plugins, themes and use them to build a website.
  • Create posts, pages, sidebar etc.
  • Configuring templates
  • Develop, administrator and update a website or blog using WordPress.
  • Add, configure Plugins and Widgets
  • Add, manage media
  • Develop, use search engine optimization techniques and strategies

Who can join WordPress Training?

  • Bloggers and Writers who wants to write articles and publish it in Internet.
  • Web Designers who wants to display their portfolio online.

Prerequisites: WordPress is very easy to use, anyone who have the knowledge of using computers and experience of browsing Internet can easily learn WordPress. 

Courses Outline :: Basic Wordpress