Introduction :: Android Programming


If you are searching for a professional computer institute for Android Training    you have

landed  to  the  right  place.  We  have  trained  several  candidates  aspiring  to  study  android

application  development  and  now  they  working  in  different  software  development

company in all over Nepal as well as outside nepal. This Android Application Development Training course is designed especially for students

and  professionals  who  have  basic  knowledge  in  programming  and  are  aiming  to  make

bright career in mobile application development. This course integrates essential basics of

Android aimed at helping learners to grasp fundamental concepts with industry practices

and  practical  examples  which  we  believe  will  cultivate  the  practical  skills  needed  in

Android application development.          



You probably have decided which training to join, yet you are still undecided about where

to enroll for Android Training in Nawalpur. We suggest you to do some research on your

own about the quality of syllabus, learning environment and pedagogy implemented at the

computer institute you are going to study.

At  SITE,  we  focus  on  the  key  components  for  crafting  a  successful  Android

development program; strong and dynamic syllabus, friendly and enthusiastic environment

and  effective  teaching  approach.  You  will  also  benefit  from  the  experience  of  our

professional Android development team as well. You can discover these things by yourself

at  standard institute of technology & education.  we welcome you to  visit our  institute and

learning center at kawasoti, Nawalpur.



Android  development  uses  high  level  programming  language  and  the  application

programming index is sometime too large and too complex to understand. Therefore, our

pedagogy uses practical, hands-on approach. The two hour class is divided into two parts;

one  hour for instructional  and one hour for practical  section. Students  are provided with

extensive number of hands-on exercises to better their understanding of the concepts and

practical  examples  and  to  make  them  familiar  with  real  time  working  scenarios.  In

addition,  weekly  tests  and  revision  are  conducted  to  see  the  progress  of  the  students.we

provide more time to weak students to develop the android programmer career.

After finishing of training we take a test of  project to see that our student can now go to

outside word as android programmer. if answer is yes then only we decide the finishing of




The main aim of Android development course is to make student able to develop their own

Android  application.  During  this  course,  students  will  develop  an  application  which  they

will run successfully on the Android Device or emulator.



Those  who  have  knowledge  of  Java  are  encouraged  to  join  Android  development  course

class. If you don’t have knowledge of Java or any other programming language, you will be

taken  through  the  series  of  programming  classes  and  you  will  be  prepared  for  Android

course. Hence, even if you don’t know anything about programming you can join us and we

will  do  the  rest  of  effort  and  let  you  make  the  Android  application.  Those  who  have

knowledge of Java directly sit in class and start building Android apps.



Basic  knowledge  of  programming  is  required  and  prior  experience  in  JAVA  is  a  plus.

However, as stated earlier we provide basic knowledge about JAVA programming to those

who don’t have prior knowledge.



Courses Outline :: Android Programming