Introduction :: Advance Wordpress

Advanced WordPress Training

This course is focused towards developing Wordpress theme developers and Wordpress plugin developers. To learn Wordpress plugin development one must have the good knowledge of both PHP and mysql. However, to be a Wordpress theme developer one must have a good knowledge of html and cases with little or basic PHP knowledge.

Why to learn Advanced WordPress Training?

If you have the knowledge of using WordPress administration you can develop websites using built in features provided by the WordPress content management system. Moreover you can extend the capabilities of WordPress websites by integrating the plugins and themes which are free. With the knowledge and skills of using WordPress Administration, you can create a website staying inside the limitations that WordPress offers. However to design a Wordpress theme and plugin one must have the knowledge of Wordpress file hierarchy. Along with it one must have the knowledge of built in functions provided by Wordpress.

After taking this course, you can create your custom themes or modify the existing themes. You can also create your own plugins or customize existing plugins. This course will take your basic WordPress skills to another level.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of WordPress advanced training, students should be able to perform all the customization issues on a Wordpress website.

  • They should be able to customize the existing themes.
  • They should be able to modify the HTML and CSS files of existing themes.
  • They should also be able to create custom themes.
  • Students will be able to understand WordPress capabilities.
  • They should be able to develop plugins.
  • They should be able to customize existing plugins.
  • They should understand WordPress Architecture and File Management.



Who can join Advanced WordPress Training?

Students who want to learn theme development should know how to create a static website or create a template using HTML and CSS. Students who want to learn plugin development and plugin customization should have a good working knowledge of PHP Programming. It is recommended that students have the knowledge of object oriented programming concepts and Model View Controller concepts before learning to create plugins. If you have no previous knowledge of WordPress, we suggest you to start with the WordPress Administration course followed by PHP training and acquire the concept of writing PHP in object oriented way and understand the Model View Controller architecture.


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